3-D Televisions Are Coming

March 22, 2010

3-D Televisions Are Coming

Samsung 3d tvTwo major television brands are introducing 3-D televisions. Samsung is introducing two 3-D sets that come with 3-D glasses and a 3-D BluRay player. Panasonic is introducing one 3-D set. With starting prices around $3000.00 this is in investment that is somewhat questionable in terms of the amount of 3-D viewing you actually receive.

At the moment the only way to use the 3-D features of these sets is with 3-D blu ray movies. The technology of bringing 3-D television viewing home is new and untried. There aren’t any 3-D television shows, or channels, and the fact that viewers need to wear rechargeable bulky 3-d glasses are a few of the downsides.

The 3-D glasses also eliminate most multitasking as the glasses will cause lighting, computers and other screens to seem as if they are flickering. Viewers will pretty much be limited to watching blu ray 3-D movies and nothing else until the movie is over. Blu ray movies aren’t exactly cheap either so the expense of 3-D television is multiplied if the owners prefer have to acquire movies as well.

ESPN has announced that it will be starting a channel to broadcast live events in 3-D. The first televised sports event will be the FIFA World Cup Soccer championship in June. I can’t really see that watching blu ray movies and sports in 3-D is worth that sort of price tag.

Of course people are going to spend the money on 3-D televisions because we are a society of consumers and gadget freaks. But is it really that important to see movies in 3-D outside of the theatre. Can’t we reserve some special treats for outside the house?

The more gadgets and devices we have in our homes, the less likely we are to get out and about, yet with no other networks speaking of having any plans to introduce 3-D programming the sad fact is that these highly expensive 3-D televisions will be used mostly the same way regular televisions are used, making the 3-D feature a waste of money.

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The world cup in 3D will be amazing! watching free kicks bend around the wall should be just incredible Go Spain!

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