Adding Oxygen To Alcohol; Speeding Sobriety and Reducing Hangovers

March 17, 2010

Adding Oxygen To Alcohol; Speeding Sobriety and Reducing Hangovers

A study performed in Korea shows that adding oxygen to alcohol speeds sobriety and reduces hangover. Ethanol oxidation is the process of regaining sobriety and normally occurs when oxygen enters the bloodstream through breathing, the stomach and the skin. The study finds that increasing the dissolved oxygen concentration in alcohol speeds up the process of ethanol oxidation and could be effective in reducing both alcohol related side effects and accidents caused by alcohol.

Dissolved oxygen concentrations in alcoholic beverages have been shown through this study to accelerate the metabolism and speed the elimination of alcohol. This process allows individuals to become sober faster and reduces the presence of alcohol side effects known as a hangover. These symptoms include sensitivity to light, headache, nausea and listlessness which can last all day after a night of drinking.

So what does this mean for the average social drinker? You can have a few glasses of wine get a nice buzz, and before it is time to drive home your blood alcohol is below the legal limit. What could anyone possibly find to complain about there? That could reduce the number of alcohol related traffic deaths significantly as well as the number of people who had just one drink too many and ended up spending time in jail and paying huge fines for driving under the influence.

This also could affect several aspects in the life of college students, how many of us may wish we had sobered up before we performed some stupid stunt or hooked up with some random person? With the effects of drunkenness leaving your body more quickly you may actually sober up in time to prevent yourself from doing anything really stupid, or better yet you will sober up, make your way home without incident and wake up hangover free and ready to go to class in the morning. All the way around this is a win-win. There are several drinks in Korea that have increased oxygen however the process of maintaining the oxygen concentration is still being studied as well as the effects and benefits of doing so.

The results of the study will be published in the May 2010 issue of Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. It is important to note that becoming sober faster and not suffering from hangovers is a benefit, but the fact remains that alcohol can damage your health and moderation is always the key to enjoying yourself.

Publisher: Salient News