Big Brother and Worker ID Cards

March 16, 2010

Big Brother and Worker ID Cards

Is Big Brother about to knock on the doors of all Americans? Sounds far-fetched but if a plan currently being mulled over in the United States Senate becomes reality, Big Brother might not seem so silly.

The plan will require all legal workers in the United States to have identification cards with embedded information as part of a new immigration plan. What kind of embedded information? Initially fingerprints, but who knows what else will be included as the plan evolves?

The ID card plan is intended to cut down on illegal immigration and require everyone who tries to work in the U.S. to have to card. This is an attempt to create tighter controls in an effort to stop illegal immigrants from coming to the United States to work and live.

Proponents of the identification card say it is like the Social Security card except that the biometric card would be harder to tamper with or fake. Understandably though, many will see this identification card plan as yet another intrusion into the rights of privacy by a big government.

Yes, the plan is intended to crack down on illegal immigration, but for employers who already skirt the law, who’s to say they won’t find new ways around the card? If and when that does happen, it will be the law-abiding American citizens and legal immigrants who are sacrificing their privacy upon the altar of the Gods of the Greater Good.

Even though the initial purpose of the identification card is for employment, do we really think that its use won’t be expanded as a streamlined means for the United States government to keep track of its citizens – their whereabouts, their buying and selling, their habits and routines?

This is just another step down a slippery slope that leads straight down a dark path to government control and manipulation of its people. The message from this citizen to the Senate leaders who had this bright idea: Pick a better plan – this one stinks.

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That’s just wrong. I shouldn’t have to get new id just to work at the job I already do

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