FDA Corruption Letter To Obama Administration

March 16, 2010

FDA Corruption Letter To Obama Administration

According to a letter sent by anonymous members of the FDA staff there is “systemic corruption and wrongdoing that permeates all levels of the FDA.” This letter has been in the news off and on since it was sent to John Podesta last year. Mr. Podesta is a member of President Obama’s transition team. This letter has been authenticated and therefore gives lawyers and consumers the information they need in order to pursue claims against the FDA and drug companies.

Considering the corruption that permeates all government offices, why should news of the FDA’s failings be of any consequence? Simply put this letter was written by a group of scientists on FDA letterhead, and describes self dealing and bungling within the agency.

Some of the main points of this letter include the approval of a breast cancer detection device by one director even though all FDA experts voted against it. The director of Device Evaluation Donna-BeaTillman pushed this approval through after a phone call from the Connecticut Congressman Christopher Shays. Makes you wonder, exactly what sort of power the congressman has over Ms. Tillman, not to mention how many other people he or other political figures have over members of the FDA.

Another instance detailed within the letter was the approval of a medical device to prevent scarring. This device was approved by Daniel Schultz after the full scientific staff unanimously voted that it not be approved.

These few instances are just the tip of the iceberg. The letter just the beginning of a great deal of upheaval for lawyers, drug companies, individuals and the FDA. Essentially the consumers now have a much better chance when it comes to fighting the FDA.

While this letter is a boon for consumers and attorneys, there are many drug companies that haven’t participated in the subterfuge who will suffer because of it. These companies were told that their products were approved, they followed the compliance rules that the FDA told them to and now they are going to end up being held responsible for damages incurred.

The fact that corrupt members of the FDA are unleashing untested or unapproved drugs on unknowing consumers is really frightening. Cancer patients are being subjected to more pain, more trauma because of the people at the top who approving drugs that shouldn’t be used at all. Just because these people have a position of power they should not be allowed to abuse it. Here’s hoping that the Obama Administration will hold the people responsible for this travesty liable and get busy cleaning up the FDA.

Publisher: Salient News