How Dangerous Are Toyota Brakes; Will The New Fix Help?

March 24, 2010

How Dangerous Are Toyota Brakes; Will The New Fix Help?

Toyota’s recent rash of recalls and repairs due to acceleration issue would have been a done deal after the repairs were handled, except many Toyota cars are still experiencing sudden acceleration after the fix. In fact Toyota issues a detailed web-cast to explain some of why this is happening. Too had that this web-cast was too technical for most average drivers, and that the experts involved seemed to raise more questions than they answered.

Not only that, but the web-cast also attempted to say that other cars could also have acceleration problems if they were to manipulate the wiring. Okay, so that seems to say that Toyota knows exactly what the cause is of the acceleration problem, so why does the fix not seem to work? Could it be that trying to drag names such as Chrysler, Mercedes and BMW into the mix is a ploy by Toyota to bring these new vehicles down to the level of the new Toyota’s? Well it doesn’t work for me.

Someone somewhere designed the wiring and acceleration system for Toyota vehicles, that person needs to be brought in to find out how to fix whatever is wrong with their initial design and come up with a REAL fix, before more people are frightened, harmed and even killed.

The recall fix is supposed to deal with floor mats and pedals. Many Toyota owners who complied with the recall fix were not experiencing problems, yet when they left the shop after the supposed fix, their cars were suddenly experiencing the acceleration problem. The general consensus is that Toyota doesn’t know what is causing the problem with the acceleration, and they don’t know how to fix it either.

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