March 8, 2010

Nicotine building to satisfaction

Looks as though scientific assumption was wrong again. In a recent first time study of nicotine and how it affects the brain scientists have discovered that nicotine slow builds up enough to achieve pleasure rather that to spike to pleasure levels with each puff of smoke. It can take up to 5 minutes for the brain to acquire enough nicotine to hit the “peak” level. The  smoke must to sit in the lungs so that the nicotine can slowly be absorbed.  Of course its this time spent in the lungs that is so detrimental to organs.

All of this new information flies in the face of the concept of  a “smoking rush”, like heroine, creates a rapid addiction. In fact it’s not a rush at all but rather a build up. You wonder if the more scarred the lungs are the more time it takes to absorb enough nicotine through inhalation. If that’s the case then is this the reason long time smokers increase their pack a day rate?

If you want to know exactly how the body absorbs the nicotine through the lungs and then how it affects the brain there is a great section here that goes into detail. Just watch out for the video that auto plays over your speakers.

Since the study was funded by Phillip Morris International the Doctor had to plug their research into a new inhaler system or mist system that is currently in the works. Well that’s what they want you to think but according to the LA Times article that was published in 2005, this inhaler has been around for a long, long time. Originally researched in secrecy during the dark days when they fought against smoking is lethal and addictive. Well they still fight against that label but the recent court losses have forced them to capitulate. The original project was squashed for fear of the inhaler over cigarette being equated to the clean needle or dirty needle junkie debate.

Given the timing of this article and the existence of the nicorette inhaler in Canada you wonder if this isn’t an old study that is just being released now to help push and promote the new Philip Morris inhaler that will be released soon. Sometimes the PR machine hopes you aren’t really keeping score. Besides here is a 2.3 gallon nicotine mist humidifier you can install in your office and keep everyone on happy!

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