PoxNora – SONY Enters Facebook Gaming

March 23, 2010

PoxNora – SONY Enters Facebook Gaming

pox nora on facebookAs if the Facebook games and apps weren’t addicting enough Sony Online Entertainment is getting into the Facebook games with PoxNora. So for those of you who are enjoying Vampire Wars, FarmVille and Mafia Wars there is a new multiplayer game to check out, become addicted to and waste hours keeping up with. Take a break from cooking in your café, and visit places like the Utterdark Planeshift in PoxNora for some entertaining action.

PoxNora focuses mostly on micro transactions and is free to play, but just like all the other Facebook games, real world money can be used for upgrades, expansion packs and virtual content. Real money transactions can be handled through the app and through Playstation Sony store accounts. Sony is well known throughout the gaming world for their video games and gaming consoles, their venture into online gaming applications is an event of note. Does this mean that more large gaming companies may get in on the Facebook gaming craze? Facebookers can only hope so.

The description of the game claims that it is a “collectible, turn based tactical fantasy game.” Players command armies of fantasy creatures, cast spells and summon artifacts to defeat their opponents. As with most of the other game apps on Facebook you can send gifts, invite players and work within a team to share your progress in PoxNora.

So of course people will try this game out and spend a few weeks working their way through the levels. The real money aspect of PoxNora is not really a drawback because like all the other games on Facebook you can play the game entirely without using real money. Sure if you purchase a few runes you may advance faster or have some special

Sure it’s a waste of time, time when you should be working, time when you could be spending time with your children, or better yet using Facebook for its true intention and socializing with your friends. But it doesn’t hurt anyone if you spend your spare time playing games so go ahead and indulge, and while you’re at it be sure to send me a gift.

Publisher: Salient News