Preorder an Ipad; A New Commercial Released

March 17, 2010

Preorder an Ipad; A New Commercial Released

The new television commercial for the Apple iPad comes just about a month before the actual April release of this product. The iPad ad has as usual an upbeat song playing while a man holds an iPad on his lap and moves through some of the features that the iPad touts including: photos, videos, e-books and web pages. The iPad is simple yet effective like most Apple television commercials. The fact is that the iPad will sell because people love new gadgets.

Serious buyers who must have an iPad can preorder through Apple’s online store between March 12 and April 2, 2010. Personally, a product as hyped as the iPad sounds like something you should maybe wait and see how it does before you buy it. Just like new models of laptops, media device and smart phone there are often glitches and bugs that need to be worked out. My advice is to wait about 6 months before investing in an iPad.

As of April 3, the iPad will be available in the Wi-Fi model in the United States, look for Wi-Fi and 3G versions later in the month. For Apple fans in other countries Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, Italy, Switzerland and the UK will be able to obtain an Apple iPad in late April 2010, while other countries will be added later this year.

So what exactly is an iPad? It’s more than a smart phone and less than a laptop. With an almost 10 inch screen the iPad runs apps from the Apple apps store and offers 16 gigabyte, 32 gigabyte and 64 gigabyte versions. Only half an inch thick and weighing in at less than a pound and a half, the iPad is just what some people are looking for.

Since the announcement of the iPad in early January consumers have been chatting in tech forums and amongst themselves about this “so cool” device. You have to admit it really does look cool. This completely touch screen product allows users to turn pages, enlarge and view pages, as well as having a touch keypad that fits on the bottom of the screen for keeping in touch.

With a starting price of $499 the iPad isn’t going to be for everyone, many people will prefer the functionality of their laptops and the size of their smart phones.

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How long is that battery going to last on this thing? My Iphone dies once a day

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