Scientists to speak out about CT Scans

March 29, 2010

Scientists to speak out about CT Scans

It seems the scientific community has been silent this past year while more and more adverse CT scans have come to light. The outspoken scientists contend that the FDA has been ignoring the risks associated with repeated CT scans and the level of radiation patients are receiving. The new CT scan can deliver the radiation of 400 chest X-rays and in a typical year 70 million CT scans are performed. Researches estimate that 14,000 people die each year from the radiation exposure. The danger of CT scans has been in the news with a number of shocking injuries:

In 4 hospitals the FDA is investigating why 300 patients received more than 8 times the recommended level each time they where scanned. One of the hospitals Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angele’s had 206 patients over radiated by CT brains scans in an 18 month period.

In October 2009, a 2.5 year old boy received CT brain scans for an hour. Usually the treatment lasts 2-3 minutes. The boy was radiated 151 times. It only stopped when the father wanted to know what was taking so long.

In 2005 Landreaux A. Donaldson had 38 overdose CT scan procedures resulting in a variety of radiation related injuries such as stomach ulcers, anemia and urethral stricture. The victim and the hospital have settled for an undisclosed fee.

The cancer diagnosis community is in a bit of a controversy as to which is the best way to check a healthy body for signs of cancer. Some doctors believe the radiation scan is the best way even though the test itself can increase the chances of a healthy person getting cancer. While other cancer doctors believe a more invasive procedure, which can be longer and more uncomfortable, is a better way to check a healthy patient for cancer.

The cost factor or bottom line plays a role in one of the biggest problems. Clinics do not pay for adequate training or continued training for the machines they purchase. Some clinics in attempts to keep the costs down have purchased second hand machines and do not have the specific machine training or calibrations performed. As the administrators tend to think one CT Scanner is just like another scanner. Similar to how one microwave is like another microwave and once you can operate one you can safely operate all. There have even been cases of CT scan radiation overdoses happening while the training team was on-site at the clinic.

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