Study Finds Women Who Drink Gain Less Weight

March 19, 2010

Study Finds Women Who Drink Gain Less Weight

How many of you women out there have been told that one of the worst things you can do while dieting is to drink alcoholic beverages? Probably most of you have heard about the calories in daiquiri’s and margaritas. A recent study has some good news for women who enjoy alcoholic beverages. According to a study but the Archives of Internal Medicine women who consumed a light to moderate amount of alcohol gained less weight than women who drank no alcohol.

There were guidelines for this study. All of the women charted were American women who were at least 38.9 years old, with no cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes mellitus. The women in the study also had a body mass index between 18.5 and 25. These women, 19,220 of them to be exact were monitored for 13 years. Of these women 60 percent were light to moderate drinkers while 40 percent didn’t drink at all. When you consider that the ideal BMI for women in this age range is 25 and the average of 40 year old women is between 27 and 31 these women are hardly your typical middle aged specimens. Also this study doesn’t address women in their 20’s and early 30’s either so no one knows what effect alcohol has on women of that age.

After 13 years results show that 41.3 percent of the women became overweight and 3.8 percent of them became obese (BMI more than 31). The non drinkers gained an average of 9 pounds each while the drinkers only gained an average of 3 pounds. An article in the New York Times states that the women who drank more red wine were in the group with the least weight gain.

Now this study doesn’t mean that women should tie one on every night, or take up binge drinking. It simply shows that having a drink or two will not ruin your diet and cause you to pack on the pounds. There are still several conflicting messages about alcohol for women, while moderate drinking is suggested for better heart health, it is also considered a breast cancer risk.

Basically if you are a woman and you enjoy a few drinks you don’t have to worry that you are ruining your diet or causing weight gain because of your drink choices, but you do have to worry about all the other health risks that alcohol presents.

Publisher: Salient News