New Nike Tiger Ad has Creepy Tone

April 8, 2010

New Nike Tiger Ad has Creepy Tone

With Nike relaunching with Tiger Woods this week during the masters, the expectations were high to see the first commercial they would run. It did not take long for the ad to be seen almost everywhere on the internet or on television. The reaction? Well most comments on the web from fans and non-fans would say it’s very creepy. In the commercial shot in black and white, Tiger looks at the camera, as his late father Earl asks him a series of questions. Each question more personal and telling than the last. The choice of a “voice from the grave” commercial is an odd one considering Tiger’s dad struggled with infidelity himself. Having Tiger being interrogated by his womanizing father borders on surreal. The dead stare of Tiger; the only answer to the mystery of a masterful golf player and a tarnished icon. Only time will tell how the Tiger brand will recover and if it will have a negative effect on Nike. A win this weekend at Augusta will go a long way to rebuilding the Tiger brand in the short term. So far, today could not have gone any better for Woods. He has gone back to his sanctuary, the golf course and picked up where he left off. Through 17 today Tiger sits at 4-under and 2 shots off the lead.

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Tiger = paid to win, paid to apologize


Well I know one thing it does not make me want to buy anything Nike. Not because its supporting an adulterer I dont care about that. Its that nothing in the video makes me feel like wearing nike or makes me feel like a winner which has always been their motto. Selling products is really the purpose of most companies and this totally falls flat on that avenue.

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