Obama Moves to Reduce U.S. Reliance on Foreign Oil

April 1, 2010

Obama Moves to Reduce U.S. Reliance on Foreign Oil

Allowing this offshore drilling will not only reduce the United States’ dependence on foreign oils but will also create jobs to further help shore up our economy. The President is only interested in offshore drilling in cases where the coastline is protected. Many environmentalists don’t approve of this decision but Obama addressed those issues when he spoke at Andrews air base on March 31st. Obama said that this decision is not one that he has made lightly, and that he has studied the issue for the past year and due to the “voracious thirst for energy” of our nation and the need to create jobs and keep American businesses competitive.

President Obama has said that this decision is part of a larger plan that includes moving the U.S. from an economy that “runs on fossil fuels and foreign oil to one that relies more on homegrown fuels and clean energy.” His announcement included the plan to expand offshore oil and gas exploration in a way that balances harnessing domestic energy resources with protecting the natural resources of America.

The Interior Department says that they will conduct the first new offshore oil and gas sale in the Atlantic in more than two decades due to a lease sale that will take place about 50 miles off the coast of Virginia. Many politicians are on board with the plan to open up the nation to offshore drilling, but argue that by avoiding the Pacific coast, Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico we are missing out on the opportunity at a time when Americans need jobs and gas prices are rising daily.

Increasing the available jobs in the U.S. and reducing our dependence on foreign oils for our energy and transportation needs is an important step that the Obama administration has been working on since his election. These steps are controversial with the environmentalists, and the finer points of where the offshore drilling will take place may cause some controversy with politicians, but this first step is what must happen in order to open the lines of communication between parties and concerned environmentalists. The initial offshore drilling sites off of Virginia are a way for the administration to show how they will protect the shorelines while mining our nation’s natural resources for our benefit.

Publisher: Salient News