TBS lands Conan O’Brien for late night

April 12, 2010

TBS lands Conan O’Brien for late night

The program will push TBS’ “Lopez Tonight,” starring George Lopez, to midnight. Conan’s show will air Mondays through Thursdays at 11 p.m. Eastern. Today’s surprise announcement coincides the  start of a two-month, nationwide comedy tour in Eugene, Ore. This news goes against the grain of widespread belief that Conan would go with FOX. Barring Fox, syndication was widely considered O’Brien’s most likely option. Few if anyone mentioned TBS as a plausible destination.

O’Brien began serious talks with TBS just last week, the network said. “In three months, I’ve gone from network television to Twitter to performing live in theaters, and now I’m headed to basic cable,” O’Brien said in a tongue-in-cheek-toned statement. “My plan is working perfectly.”

No word yet how George Lopez feels about receiving the “Leno special”. It was the time bump that NBC proposed to O’Brien that caused the massive rift between Jay Leno and O’Brien.

UPDATE: George Lopez called

Conan to invite him

Conan O’Brien hates Sweden

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