World Health Organization admits failures in communication during swine pandemic

April 12, 2010

World Health Organization admits failures in communication during swine pandemic

Today the World Health Organization conceded serious shortcomings in the agencies handling of the H1N1 swine flu pandemic. The most worrying problem included a failure to communicate uncertainties about the new virus as it spread around the world. Keiji Fukuda, the WHO’s top influenza expert, said “The reality is there is a huge amount of uncertainty (in a pandemic). I think we did not convey the uncertainty. That was interpreted by many as a non-transparent process.” Fukuda targeted the U.N. agency’s six-phase system for declaring a pandemic had sown confusion about the flu bug which was ultimately not as deadly as the widely-feared avian influenza.

Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General, called for a honest and critical review of its handling of the swine flu pandemic. “We want a frank, critical, transparent, credible and independent review of our performance,” Chan told the crowd of experts that had come together for a three-day meeting in Geneva to review WHO’s handling of the first influenza pandemic in 40 years.

A vocal minority of scientists and government officials around the world have accused WHO of overplaying the danger of the virus, while others have claimed its decision to declare a pandemic was unduly influenced by commercial interests. Critics have said the WHO created panic about the swine flu virus, which turned out to be moderate in its effect, and caused governments to stockpile vaccines which went unused. Questions have been voiced regarding the WHO’s links to the pharmaceutical industry after companies like GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi-Aventis made massive profits from producing H1N1 vaccine.

This AlJazeeraEnglish broadcast was released January 11, 2010 and goes into greater detail the costs to the countries in over buying vaccine and the push to mitigate the financial damage of overstock.

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The WHO should also admit the fallacy of the global drugs strategy and where it will be impotent in stopping the eventual killer virus that will eventually emerge as night follows day.

For the main reason why the vaccine strategy will never save humanity from the eventual deaths of hundreds of millions of people, both young and old, is because the vaccine will always come too late. The reason is that if we analyse last year’s response we find that it took 13 months from detection to immunise less than 25% of Americans, the wealthiest country in the world. The Spanish flu in 1918/19 killed up to 100 million between week 16 and week 26 in the second wave. Therefore by the time we receive any vaccine most of us will be well dead. Consequently we have to get away from this foolish strategy and fight the killer virus at source and never let it happen in the first place – the preventative strategy and the only one that will really work.

That strategy is –

Ralph Fucetola JD

At Natural Solutions Foundation we strongly doubt a WHO “failure to communicate” — rather, it appears to have been intentional disinformation to manipulate public perception for the benefit of various drug pushers.

However, all around the world, extraordinary numbers of people, informed through the Internet, refused to buy into the pandemic panic.

For example, over 3,000,000 Americans emailed their state and national legislators telling them we would not cooperate with the fake “National Health Emergency” — and the FDA $6.4 billion plan to require everyone to be vaccinated with H1N1 laced with squalene collapsed. Now over a hundred million doses of H1N1 vax are expiring and will need to be disposed of as the toxins they are; and the half billion dollars worth of squalene purchased is happily also going to “waste.”

There was no pandemic and a very “light” flu season.

Is it just possible that the flu vax is itself the usual culprit in creating the annual flu season? Is it possible the public has been suckered for a very long time into believing the vax myth. Is it possible that the unacceptable side effects are finally being noticed by the public. Is the lie about to die?

For up-to-date information on this urgent issue, please go to http;// and join the Health Freedom Action eAlert system.

Push Back Works!

Nestor Candozo

Great Read! I enjoyed your article and learned alot about this.. I look forward to reading more soon. Thanks.

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