Manute Bol Hospitalized for Kidney Failure and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

May 26, 2010

Manute Bol Hospitalized for Kidney Failure and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Manute Bol, a former center for the Washington Bullets remains in the hospital after being admitted last week with kidney failure and Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Bol was on his way back from several months in Sudan helping build a school with the Sudan Sunrise group. During his time over there Bol’s health had deteriorated. During an overnight layover at a hotel in Dulles, Virginia on his way back to Kansas Bol was rushed to a local hospital.

Bol had completed the school project in Sudan but was asked to stay through the Sudanese elections this spring. To spend this time in his native country Bol canceled several speaking engagements and even missed the birth of his daughter, whom he was on his way to meet when he had to be rushed to the hospital.

Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a rare, but very serious disorder in which the skin and mucous membranes have a severe reaction to medication or infection. Usually beginning with flu-like symptoms the disease reaction progresses to a painful rash and blisters which will cause the top layer of skin to die and peel off. There has been no report as to what has caused this disorder in Bol, or whether the kidney failure is related.

While in the intensive care unit Bol underwent three rounds of dialysis for his kidney failure, and doctors thought that the presence of Stevens – Johnson syndrome may require his being moved to a burn unit.

Attorney Greg Jones who represents victims of Stephens Johnson Syndrome was reached for comment, “Manute Bol is only the latest to be affected by this debilitating disorder. Usually caused by common NSAIDS  and anti seizure medications, Stevens Johnson Syndrome and the associated Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis effects both adults and children. Mr. Bol however was lucky in that his SJS had not progressed  to the point of treatment in a burn unit as the skin tissue is destroyed leaving the body open to an infection just as in a case of a sever burn causing severe injuries to both the outer body and internal organs.”

On May 24, 2010 a friend of Bol’s Tom Prichard made an announcement through Facebook that Bol had been transferred out of the intensive care unit and has been able to eat a little. He is on morphine to treat the pain and his blood levels are reported to be improving.

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Mark Carroll

I pray for this great man. He has givin so much. I wish I could help in some way.

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C’mon people, get rooting for Manute!

igho evbie

I never an african man could be this tall,i wish i had known as a basketballer i could have been one of his fan,God knows best and he rest in peace the great tall one.Missed not knowing u on time..

[…] Stevens-Johnson syndrome is known as the bomb in the pill bottle. An unpredictable reaction to medications that causes the skin and internal organ lining simply fall off. While rare, this condition can be caused by nearly any drug and in effect could happen after treating the slightest malady. Anything from a headache, common cold or even an infected fingernail could cause you to use a drug which may trigger SJS. […]

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