Pfizer and Health Canada Warn of Chantix/Champix Side Effects

June 16, 2010

Pfizer and Health Canada Warn of Chantix/Champix Side Effects

The smoking cessation product by Pfizer is known as Champix in Canada and Chantix in the U.S. In response to ongoing reports of serious neuropsychiatric symptoms, Pfizer Canada has issues stronger warnings about the product.

The new warning informs people to discontinue use and see a doctor immediately if they experience neuropsychiatric symptoms or atypical behavior patterns. These symptoms may include mood changes, hostility and suicidal behavior.

The FDA has reported that psychiatric effects among Chantix users in the U.S. last year included 98 reports of suicide, and 188 attempted suicides. Some of the reported psychiatric problems could have been the result of nicotine withdrawal, but the FDA noted that many of the problems occurred while the Chantix users were still smoking. Chanitx
is a gradual cessation drug to help smokers quit over a period of time.

Health Canada states that Champix is a prescription medication used in combination with counseling to help adults quit smoking.

This drug has been linked to a sometimes fatal skin condition called Stevens Johnson syndrome, and anyone taking the medication should stop taking it and seek immediate medical attention if the develop any type of skin reaction.

Some of the other side effects that Chantix/Champix may cause include sleepiness, dizziness, seizures, and difficulty concentrating. Anyone who is taking this drug is advised not to drive or operate machinery until they know how the drug will affect them.

Pfizer has defended the safety of Chantix/Champix and argues that these psychiatric effects are often seen when people attempt to quit smoking. To date Health Canada has received more than 1,200 reports of adverse reactions to Champix since the release of the drug in 2007.

If you or a family member is using this smoking cessation drug, please carefully monitor your reactions and behavior. If you notice a problem, stop taking the drug and see a doctor immediately.

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Chris Holmes

All those reactions, all those deaths, are just the tip of the iceberg. These are only the reactions that got officially reported: there are many, many more. All so unnecessary, there are much safer ways to quit that also have better success rates. The long-term outcomes for Chantix (Champix) now look like only about 14% success – a massive failure-rate in truth. How many of those people damaged or killed by varenicline would have risked it if they had known that the likelihood of failure was 86% anyway?

Hypnotherapy is the most successful method, AND the safest.


Hello… Just curious…is champix an anti-depressant??


My husband used Champix last year and had to stop taking it. He is not the type to be depressed and went through a mild depression. He had all kinds of strange symptoms, i.e. acne, increased libido, was often dissoriented etc.. He has sinced stopped using it but still suffers from a lot of the reactions, his memory was also affected, he used to have an incredible memory but now it is lacking in a big way.

This medication is NOT worth taking. It messes with your head and mind and doesn’t stop.

My husband was even keeping a log of all his side effects and spoke to our doctor about them but all the doctors was interested in was that he continue with the program. Now we don’t know who to talk to about all these issues.

As for hypnotherapy he does not believe in that so now I don’t know what else to do. Any other safte options out there? He has also tried the patch and that didn’t work either. However it di for me!



This drug ruined my life, my childrens life and my marriage.

Mike Philipp

I have a family member who took Champix over 2 yrs ago. She lives alone and is 60 yrs old. I visited her 10 months ago and recently fing that she has become Phycotic, depressed, suicidal etc. When she began taking the drug she said ppl were watching her and setting her up for some big plan. Everyone including her family members are part of this group. She was close to killing herself a couple of times. The same phycotic feelings are with her 2 yrs later and was admitted to the physe ward over complaints that she followed people and went to their houses looking for answers. Can this be related to Champix after 2 yrs. Everything is consistant and i worry about her health.


All of you people need to realize that all of the syptoms you have listed here are all common to nicotine withdrawl and they do last a long time sometimes years especially memory loss


My daughter killed herself on this drug. She had no history of mental illness and was still smoking – something you are allowed to do while taking it. So that blows the nicotine withdrawal theory out of the water


and also while on champix you cant just have a cigarrette to allieviate the withdrawl because the nicotine receptors in your brain are blocked so the agression people exhibit seems worse. I have quit smoking without aids before and now on champix. The agression and depression and inability to think right are no different. Blame yourself for becoming a drug addict because that is exactly what smokers are. So its time to put your bigboy shorts on and accept that it hurts to quit and there will be serious side effects that last for years

david sapirstein

I think champix has alot of succeses in stop smoking which was my dream and now I can tell anybody how to stop smoking

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