Israel Defiantly Enforces Gaza Blockade Against a Flotilla of Aid Ships

June 6, 2010

Israel Defiantly Enforces Gaza Blockade Against a Flotilla of Aid Ships

Since the last week in May there have been several attempts to bring aid to the people of Gaza. Israeli commandos have stormed the ships as they approach. With several pro-Palestinian activists killed and dozens more wounded the operation in international waters, is a nightmare scenario which is certain to add damage to the already tense relations between Israel and Turkey as well as further damaging the international standing of Israel.

One bloodless takeover, stands in contrast to the deadly raids, the cargo ship MV Rachel Corrie loaded with cement and supplies for Gaza along with Nobel Peace Prize laureate Maireade Maguire and 10 other passengers and a crew was commandeered and forced to head to an Israeli port. No one was harmed in this case; however the Israeli’s are holding firm on their enforcement of the blockade of Gaza.

The closure of the Gaza strip dictates that 1.5 million Palestinians are confined to a small sliver of land and only allowed basic humanitarian supplies.

The organizers of the flotillas have said they plan to dispatch more ships in coming months. This means that unless Israel lifts the blockade, these confrontations at sea are likely to become a regular occurrence.

Israel has reported that it would continue to block any attempt to reach Gaza by sea, to prevent weapons from reaching the Islamic militant group backed by Iranian support. “Israel…will not allow the establishment of an Iranian port in Gaza,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared.

The outcry over the aid ships being attacked and commandeered is a public relations nightmare for Israel. Israel claims its forces have acted in self defense against Islamic extremists.  Protests and campaigns from humanitarians the world over have been issued to convince Israel to allow the people of Gaza to receive aid.

Two Israeli ministers say that they oppose an international inquiry into the deadly raid of last week. One said that there shouldn’t be an international inquiry, and that if an inquiry is required it should be handled by the Israeli Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. Another said that he wouldn’t trust an inquiry or probe which included Turkey.
The call for an international inquiry began after nine Turkish citizens were killed in the takeover of the aid flotilla.

In the meantime donations are pouring in to help fund the next flotilla and fill it with supplies for the people of the Gaza strip.
Spokeswoman Audrey Bomse of the Free Gaza movement said “We will have no problem getting ships.”

All that remains is to see whether future encounters with the Israelis will be peaceful or violent and whether pressure from the rest of the world will convince Israel to lift the blockade and allow Gaza aid.

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Rob Dean

Israel is in the right here. Hamas is a real threat to Israel and they have every right to keep Hamas at bay and to restrict all commerce in the Gaza to insure no weapons or contraband come in. The Gazans have chosen to select terrorists in Hamas to represent them and thus have brought this upon themselves. If they got rid of Hamas it would work much better for them. We fully support Israel here and look at the so-called peaceful activists as the current problem. They should just give all the legitimate humanitarian aid to the UN and allow the UN to bring in the items that are not contraband. Better yet, all the Arab countries should get together and find a place, far away from Israel, to locate the Palestinians as a country on its own. It needs to be given to the Palestinians and it needs to be far out of missile range from Israel territory. Also the Arab states MUST accept Israel as a legitimate sovereign state of equal political stance with all Arab states. Again, we completely support Israel here and denounce Hamas and the misguided activists whose purpose is not to bring in aid but to “upset” the balance of power here.


Israel distributes 1500 tonnes of aid per day in Gaza … If these activists were cooperating with the IDF, instead of using aid boards as a propaganda tool, the palestinian people would be better off.

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