GM recalls 1.37 Million vehicles for fear of fires

June 8, 2010

GM recalls 1.37 Million vehicles for fear of fires

General Motors is recalling 1.37 million cars from the 2006-2009 model years because of a problem with a heated washer fluid system that could trigger a fire. A GM spokesman said the removal of the module will take a mechanic about 20 minutes, at a cost GM did not estimate.

The recall affects 18 passenger vehicle models from the 2006 to 2009 model years. The automaker thought it had fixed the problem during a 2008 recall by adding a fuse to the vehicles’ control circuit harness system to address an electrical short. GM, however, said it had been made aware of five fires related to that fix. There are no known injuries or crashes reported, the auto company said.

GM says they will disable the feature and provide the vehicle owners and lessees with a $100 compensation. Owners can take their vehicles to the dealership to have the heated washer fluid module removed and the washer fluid hoses rerouted.

GM’s Executive Director of Safety Jeff Boyer says “This was a unique technology available from only one supplier, and that supplier has stopped manufacturing, which left no opportunity to collaborate on an improv1ed design. We want to be clear that the voluntary payment to customers is for the loss of the feature, not the recall.”

The auto company said customers will begin to receive recall letters later this month, but they can contact their dealer to make an appointment to have the system removed.

The recall includes:

– Buick Enclave — 2008-2009

– Buick Lucerne — 2006-2009

– Cadillac CTS — 2008-2009

– Cadillac DTS —2006-2009

– Cadillac Escalade —2007-2009

– Cadillac Escalade ESV— 2007-2009

– Cadillac Escalade EXT — 2007-2009

– Chevrolet Avalanche — 2007-2009

– Chevrolet Silverado 3500 — 2007-2009

– Chevrolet Suburban — 2007-2009

– Chevrolet Tahoe — 2007-2009

– Chevrolet Traverse — 2009

– GMC Acadia — 2007-2009

– GMC Sierra — 2007-2009

– GMC Yukon — 2007-2009

– GMC Yukon XL — 2007-2009

– Hummer H2 — 2006-2009

– Saturn Outlook — 2007-2009

GM in 2009 dropped the Hummer and Saturn brands as part of its post-bankruptcy restructuring.

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