Seattle Police Officer Punches Teen in Face

June 17, 2010

Seattle Police Officer Punches Teen in Face

Seattle police are investigating a supposed assault of an officer in South Seattle. However, in the video of the incident a police officer is seen punching a 17 year old girl in the face.

The incident began when an officer spotted a man jaywalking on Martin Luther King, Jr. Way S. at around 3:10 p.m., at the time of the incident the man was 15 feet away from a pedestrian overpass according to Seattle police.

While the officer was talking to the man he saw four young women cross the street in the same spot, jaywalking. The officer called the women over to his car but according to officials the women were being “verbally antagonistic” toward the officer.

One of the women began to walk away, despite the officer’s instructions, which prompted the officer to escort her back to the patrol car. Later identified as a 19 year old, the woman tensed her arm and pulled away from the officer while yelling at him. The blotter report says that when the officer tried to grab hold of her she “pulled away and twisted, breaking free of the officer’s grip several times.”

When the officer attempted to handcuff the belligerent girl, another girl, intervened and placed her hands on the officers arm. This caused the officer to believe that the 17 year old was “attempting to physically affect the first subjects escape.” According to officers on the Seattle force.

The officer pushed the second girl away and she came back at him, at this point the officer punched her police said. The nineteen year old woman was handcuffed, and other officers arrived on the scene to help handcuff the second girl.

Both girls have been cited for jaywalking, with the older suspect being booked into King County Jail for investigation of obstructing an officer, the younger girl has been placed into the Youth Service Center for investigation of assaulting an officer.

Police report that nobody was injured during this incident. Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said investigators may review the video of the incident on Tuesday. According to Whitcomb all use of force on the job is reviewed, and added that punching is a trained tactic. He said, “There will be a thorough investigation into this incident.”

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Clay Boggess

The police officer lost control of the situation which caused things to escalate out of control. With that said, the girls should be arrested for resisting. They showed no respect for authority and simply saw a situation that they could capitalize on.

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