Lohan in Jail

July 20, 2010

Lohan in Jail

Actress Lindsay Lohan showed little emotion as a deputy put her in handcuffs in a Beverly Hills, California, courtroom Tuesday morning to take her to jail. Yesterday after only a few days on the job, Robert Shapiro has stepped down as Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer.

The actress, wearing a top that exposed part of her back and surrounded by deputies, quickly walked to a nearby side door labeled “secure area.” “We love you, Lindsay,” her father, Michael Lohan, said as she disappeared.
Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel had ordered Lohan to report to the courtroom to begin serving a sentence for a probation violation.

Revel ordered that Lohan not be allowed to leave jail on a work-release or house-release program or with electronic monitoring during her sentence. Due to overcrowding, she’ll likely only serve 22 days, all of it in isolation. Following that, the actress has been ordered to complete a 90-day in-patient rehab program.
She will spend her sentence in a small cell in the Century Regional Detention Facility to the south of Los Angeles.

The all-women prison houses some 2,200 inmates. This is the second trip to this jail for Lohan. She spent just 84 minutes of a sentence there two years ago for her 2007 drink-driving and drug possession offences.

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