AstraZeneca Settles on 4,000 Seroquel Lawsuits

August 4, 2010

AstraZeneca Settles on 4,000 Seroquel Lawsuits

seroquel side effectsAfter making deals and settling 200 lawsuits concerning the antipsychotic drug Seroquel a few weeks ago, AstraZeneca has now disclosed that agreements are in place to settle nearly 4,000 more cases. The original 200 suits settled for around $2million, and AZ says that the details of this settlement agreement deal are confidential.

More than 10,000 lawsuits have been filed against AstraZeneca by Seroquel patients who claim the drug caused them to develop diabetes. AZ has also said that it is aware of another nearly 200 cases that have been filed but not yet served which represent 3,661 plaintiffs. Based on three dismissed suits because the plaintiffs didn’t have sufficient evidence, and one that AstraZeneca was awarded, it is easy to see why the lawyers agreed to settlements of about $10,000 per plaintiff in the case of the 200 cases settled in late July. These cases aren’t doing well for the plaintiffs in court.

If this new settlement offers plaintiffs the same monetary deal then AZ will be paying out around $40 million. As of March of this year AZ has spent nearly $688 million in defense of Seroquel cases, a mere $40 million to make 4,000 cases disappear can be seen as a bargain for the pharmaceutical company.

The company representative Tony Jewell told Bloomberg that “AstraZeneca remains committed to a strong defense effort, but will also continue to participate in good faith in the court-ordered mediation process.” The mediation process mentioned is a plan ordered by Judge Anne C. Conway in the multidistrict Seroquel litigation in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida and “has resulted in agreements in principle, on monetary terms, subject to various subsequential conditions, approvals and agreement on non-monetary terms, with the attorneys’ representing nearly 4,000 claimants.”

AstraZeneca is the U.K.s second largest drug maker is based in London and had $32.8 billion in sales last year.

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Barbara Owens

It is a shame and a disgrace that AstraZenica gave the USA 520 million dollars because of false advertising and want to give all the people that contracted diabetes a mere $10,000 and the lawyers gets 40% of that. That will not buy medication for these people for whatever time they have left.Their lives are ruined and their body will pay the consequences. Not to mention they have to take medicine and stick their fingers several times a day. Cannot eat whtever they want and wait for their heart, liver, kidneys to shut down and also their eyesight to diminish. Thanks AstraZenica for nothing….

cindy maben


Cheryl Mcclellan

It is horrific that I have to settle for least than 10,000 now that I had to go from injecting my own insulin to a diabetic pump. The damage has already affected my feet with nueropathy , I pray at bedtime that when tomorrow comes they donnot hurt anymore and I can unlimate my walker. I have to deal with that I guess I should be at least grateful , that I only have a future that maybe a foot milt be amputated. Being on ssi and medicaid , I milt not see one penny of that settlement , so tell me what do I get after the lawyers take thier share and ssi takes thier share and medicaid takes thier share, but then again only God knows what I get for my suffering . Especially when I took it for 5 years the seroquel that is for an obesssive compulsive disorder to clean , now they have order another to my cleaning disorder to protect and constantly keep my feet clean to avoid a possible amputation one day. well thanks doc hope u enjoyed that kickback at my expense and hope AZ enjoys listening to my crying at night , they need to get busy making another product , for someone else cause now I am on my own no more meds for me , my meds r my prayers!

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