Devotion Vodka brought to you by “The Situation”

August 24, 2010

Devotion Vodka brought to you by “The Situation”

Protein shake redux: aka vodka martini "shaken not stirred"

No longer does vodka just pack the calories, now it also packs the protein. That’s right, vodka is trying to be a health supplement. The name of this new alcohol? Devotion Vodka. How would a company go about marketing a health supplement vodka? They hire the kid with ripped abs from Jersey Shore of course.

That’s right “the situation” is now promoting protein in your booze. No longer will households have to hear the whole “Mom where’s the protein?” call from 20 somethings living at home.

Now that call for protein is going out to all those bartenders out there who specialize in “Jager  Bombs”. I am sure you want to know just how much protein is in each ounce? It’s suppose to be 2 grams of protein in each shot and “the situation” says it will help reduce hang overs.

Drew Adelman created and developed Devotion Vodka   “My own personal mantra has always been if you are going to be bad, you might as well be good,” Adelman says in a statement on his website. “I used to actually take my own protein out with me when I went for a night on the town. Then I realized there were millions of people like me who wanted to adhere to their lifestyle, and also have a good time.”

It’s been reported that”the situation” being paid $400K to promote this new vodka to the muscled masses.

Publisher: Salient News

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2 grams of protein? That’s a joke, might as well take your vodka like a man and have a few almonds on the side.
A regular protein shake contains anything from 30g to 50g, you would need 25 shot to be the equivalent of a sub-par shake. Or a chicken breast, you can’t go wrong with real meat.


2 grams of protein is a joke. Pure marketing for dummies. No real “bodybuilder” would consider this healthier than any other vodka. Target market is stupid guidos. Makes more sense to take a shot of any brand of vodka and eat some nuts right after. Or better yet just down a protein shake when you get home from partying. This is a dumb product and is sure to fail.


And your body can’t even absorb 30-50g in one sitting so your poo’ing your money away. The protein is a gimmick for the meatheads that drink. Nothing more nothing less. They aren’t drinking it as a source of nutrition.

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