Fugitive Captured on way to Canada – 2 more remain free in Yellowstone Park

August 9, 2010

Fugitive Captured on way to Canada – 2 more remain free in Yellowstone Park

U.S. officials have arrested one of two prison escapees who are believed to be heading for Canada, media reports said Monday.

After 11 days on the lam, Arizona prison escapee Tracy Province has been captured in Meeteetse, Wyoming, police said Monday. Lt. Mark Trimble, of the Casper, Wyoming, police department said he was told of the capture by U.S. marshals. Tracy Province, 42, was captured in northwest Wyoming, at a location roughly 100 kilometres outside of Yellowstone National Park.

The other man, John McCluskey, 45, remains on the loose. Casslyn Welch, 43, who is believed to have aided in the pair’s escape from an Arizona facility, also remains at large. the two are believed to be hiding in Yellowstone National Park, U.S. Marshal Fidencio Rivera said.

McCluskey and Province, along with another man, escaped on July 30. The third man, Daniel Renwick, was captured earlier in Colorado after a gun battle and car chase.

Police say the two remaining fugitives are still considered armed and dangerous. Those who may know either McCluskey’s and Welch’s whereabouts are asked to contact police immediately.

The manhunt intensified after the fugitives were linked to two murders.

“They consider themselves as Bonnie and Clyde,” said US Marshal Services spokesman David Gonzales. “This is very, very serious business.”

John McCluskey, who escaped from prison with Province 10 days ago, and suspected accomplice Casslyn Welch are believed still to be on the run.

Officials are concerned some campers in Yellowstone, which is home to the Old Faithful geyser, may be unaware of the search in the area.

“They just don’t have any regular access to any news because of the remote nature of the place,” park spokesman Al Nash said.

He added: “The bottom line is, it’s safe, everything’s open and park visitors should not be unduly concerned.”

Close to 30,000 visitors will enter Yellowstone on Monday, according to officials.

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