Breast Healthy Habits Lower Breast Cancer Risk

October 18, 2010

Breast Healthy Habits Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Regardless of your genetic predisposition for breast cancer there are three breast healthy habits you can adopt that will lower your risk of breast cancer according to a new study reported by Health Day News.

Simple steps like regular exercise and physical activity, maintaining healthy weight and moderating your alcohol intake have all shown in a large study to help prevent or protect against occurrences in post menopausal women.

Despite family history of breast cancer this study showed that the women who followed these three easy breast healthy habits showed a lower risk of breast cancer than women who did not. The leader of the study Dr. Robert Gramling is the associate professor of family medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York published the study online on October 12 in the “Breast Cancer Research” journal.

Gramling’s goal with this study was to examine the effects of lifestyle habits on the risk of breast cancer because he feels that women who have a family history may feel that the risk for them is out of their control. Gramling did not include women with a personal history of breast cancer or with a family history of early onset (before age 45) cancer. Then he observed the impact of healthy habits.

As per the definitions of the study regular physical activity includes at least 20 minutes of heart rate raising exercise no less than 5 times per week. The definition of moderate alcohol means less than 7 drinks per week and healthy body weight is defined as having a BMI between 18.5 and 25.

The findings of Gramling’s study are similar to what other experts have known and helps establish that the right breast healthy habits can reduce the risk of breast cancer even in women with a family history. It is also believed by Dr. Susan Gapstur of the American Cancer Society that further increasing your activity, reducing alcohol to less than three times a week can further reduce your risks of breast cancer.

The ACS guidelines for breast cancer risk prevention include reducing alcohol intake, maintaining a healthy weight and intentional physical activity. The study simply reinforces the belief that these simple habits are an effective risk reducer.

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of course we can always prevent cancer, the key is early diagnosis and early treatment

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