Stanley•Iola LLP sues Everest College for Fraudulent and Misleading Conduct

December 22, 2010

Stanley•Iola LLP sues Everest College for Fraudulent and Misleading Conduct

Stanley•Iola LLP and two other Dallas law firms have sued Everest College, a “brand” of Corinthian Colleges, Inc., one of the largest for-profit, post-secondary education companies in the United States, in Federal Court for the Northern District of California for violating California’s Unfair Competition Law and Consumers Legal Remedies Act. The suit, brought by a former student enrolled in the Medical Assisting program at Everest’s Hayward, California campus, alleges that Everest promised her that it was an accredited college from which her credits would transfer to any four-year college or university in the country and that her Everest diploma would “certify” her for a career as a Medical Assistant. The suit alleges that in spite of her completion of her Everest degree program, her credits are not transferrable and her Everest diploma is worthless to prospective employers.

Allegations include that on the same day that plaintiff sat through an hours-long sales presentation at Everest, Everest’s employees had her complete applications for almost $11,000 in federal loans and grants to cover the cost of her education at Everest, all of which the plaintiff is now obligated to repay even though she has no career opportunity in the field for which she holds an Everest diploma.

The case, Jacquel Kimble v. Rhodes College, Inc., d/a/a Everest College, et al., requests class action status on behalf of all persons who, during the applicable statutes of limitation, were enrolled as students at any Everest College in the United States through the date of judgment in the case.

“This case will show that Ms. Kimble’s story is not an isolated incident. Everest has repeatedly put its pocketbook interests above that of its students’ education and advancement. An education should not be the focus of a sales pitch.” said Marc R. Stanley, one of plaintiff’s counsel.

Plaintiff is represented by the firms of Stanley•Iola LLP, the Law Office of Julie Johnson PLLC and the Law Office of Brian Sherman PLLC, all located in Dallas, Texas.

Publisher: Salient News