Terbutaline linked to Autism

February 22, 2011

Terbutaline linked to Autism

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, injectable terbutaline is not safe for use in pregnant women for prevention or prolonged treatment of preterm labor. The FDA warns there is a potential for serious maternal heart problems and death if doctors use terbutaline beyond 48-72 hours of prolonged treatment in a hospital or outpatient setting. The FDA’s report goes on to state that the agency is against any use of oral tablet terbutaline in pregnant women for prevention of preterm labor.

Doctors prescribe terbutaline for asthma. However, the drug is used off-label, meaning for a purpose other than what Food and Drug Administration approves, for slowing or stopping preterm labor and for calming uterine hyperactive stimulation, according to the FDA. The FDA ruled to require a Boxed Warning and Contraindication based on safety reports of heart problems and death related to terbutaline use in obstetric cases. Terbutaline crosses the placental barrier and blood-brain barrier of the fetus, which may lead to an autistic-spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders.

A recent study conducted at Duke University illustrated the risk of terbutaline to infants. The study found an increased risk of brain damage and cognitive deficits in babies whose mothers were treated with terbutaline during preterm labor. The study showed that the use of terbutaline may predispose babies to autism and that it may make the brain more vulnerable to toxins.

“Although the FDA’s recent requirement of a warning against the use of terbutaline for preterm labor use is cause for relief, the missing mention of a connection between prolonged use of terbutaline therapy and aspergers, PDD (pervasive development disorder), or autism is of concern,” says Richard Dodd, a senior partner with Cappolino Dodd Krebs LLP. “Sure, we should not use terbutaline when studies show no benefit and increased risk of adverse cardiovascular events. But the warnings should also mention the connection of autistic type results from the prolonged use of this powerful drug, terbutaline sulfate (Brethine). I have known families that suffer from the results of this high risk for years and intend to get enough attention to stop the use of terbutaline for preterm labor. This is a good warning, but since it is the second one of similar language, it is not enough,” states Dodd.

Some medical experts estimate that autistic disorder incidents have increased over 172% since 1990. These findings leave parents of autistic children looking for answers as well as causes of autism in children. Toxins and bad medical drugs, including vaccinations, are often the leading suspects of autism disorders. Two studies, one in the US at Columbia University and one in Britain by St. George’s Hospital Medical School found a higher rate of autism among twins. The rate of autism in identical twins was 12-14 times higher and autism in fraternal twins was about 3 times higher than the general population. Fraternal twins form when two separate eggs are fertilized by separate sperm. Unlike identical twins, fraternal twins do not share the same genetic blueprint.

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Catherine Yagecic

I was on terbutaline, (oral) for 3 months prior to my youngest daughter’s birth. She is now 24. She wound up being born a premie anyway, but are there other symptoms to look for, and is this something that will affect her children?


This is what I had after my car accident at 8 months.and I ALWAYS thought this was the trigger. Especially since I had side effects RIGHT AFTER Giving birth..since my 5 year old NEVER was vaccinatd, or had ANY SHOTS or MEDS(besides Terbutaline). I ate all organic, vegan, all homemade foods, no chemicals in the house. I do(and did not) even use nail polish or remover…etc.


This disgusts me. Who can we hold accountable? I had Brethine with my oldest who has autism due to contractions at 33 weeks. I delivered at 35 weeks, but he was 7 pounds. I always thought they had my due date wrong, otherwise I would have had a 10 pound baby.


OMG Kelly! I thought the same thing about the due date! I was on Terbutaline for 3 weeks, had my son 5 weeks early (anyways) and then had a heart attack 2 weeks after that. I was 34 years old! My son is not autistic but does have a language processing disorder. I wonder if that’s due to the Terbutaline!


I was 26 years old and suddenly went into labor at 24 weeks. Apparently my kidneys can’t handle pregnancy, so they gave me terbutaline. My first question before they gave me this was, “Will this hurt my baby?” They said they didn’t know but they had to stop the contractions. I was on the drug for 2 and a half months and on bed rest. I still went into pre-term labor 4 more times. My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at the age of 3. This is a slight form of autism. He has a language disorder as well. He is now in the 6th grade doing well and now reading on a 6th grade level but comprehends on a 4th grade level. He makes honor roll every quarter. He does repeat things he loves over and over again – like history facts. He is very social, so all things considered I think we are lucky. We do work very hard every day in order to get him caught up. He hardly ever complains.


This makes me sick. I was told of no risk.I took this garbage for a month for pretem labor .My son was just diagnosed with PDD.A form of autism spectrum disorder.What or who can be held accountable for this .I would have never taken this garbage if I had been properly informed.. Now my son has to live with a impairment he may never have gotten because big drug manufacturers hide or bury the risks to people. I am gonna look into a suit cause the big drug caused this they can support my son for his life.. Makes me sick…


I had 3 shots of terbutaline when I was contracting at 22 weeks. My daughter is 3 1/2 and is now waiting to be evaluated for autism spectrum disorder. I’m just now looking into the thought it could be related. I didn’t know anything about the drug when I was given it, but researched it when I got home from the hospital. I am very glad this drug is not going to be used for pregnant women any more.


I have three kids, first was born 6 weeks early, no cause of my preterm labor was ever ‘found’ (no infections/no gestational diabetes/etc just a ‘irritable uterus’), i was on terb. pills for weeks prior to my water starting to leak, and in fact, was also given terb. injections in a couple of hosital visits for trying to stop contractions…he is now dx with autism and other special needs,

second baby, boy, born 3 weeks early, considered full term though…pre term labor started at 26 weeks, stopped in hospital at 26 weeks, 28 weeks, 31 weeks, 33 weeks, and last stopped at 35 weeks, last preterm event at 37 weeks not stopped and he was born…was on oral terb pills here and there, and also had to have mag sulfate in huge doses twice early on (at 26 and 28 weeks)…
He also has Autism and other special needs, he still is nonverbal at age 7 ALTHOUGH he tries hard every day to say things 🙂 he is getting there!

Third child, female, born at 37 weeks again, considered full term. Did have preterm labor stopped a few different times, however, no terb used because ‘it didnt work the last two times’ so they went right to the ‘stronger’ and (according to them) “better stuff” the mag sulfate…only had preterm labor stopped at 30, 33 and 35 weeks…she is ‘typical’ withOUT autism..has a small speech delay, catching up very quickly, speech delay attributed to having 2 brothers as full time peers in the home where one is still nonverbal and one was nonverbal for her first 2 years…but no other ‘symptoms’ and has had an immune system FAR HEALTHIER than her brothers had and still have!

I have to say that I DO beleive this is all immune system and environmental (non genetic)..that of course, maybe genetically boys are more prone to lower immune systems, therefore not able to process these toxins out of the body like girls can….and maybe even genetically boys and girls may have just lower immune function (for girls that get Autism)..I believe the Autism of today is not the same as the Autism of years past, NOW I believe its just a name given for a bunch of symptoms of the damaged immune system, from terb. and/or vaccine toxins that we KNOW are neurotoxins, and KNOW we CAN make them without some of these known toxins, but do not because its not ‘cost effective’…sure not cost effective for the drug companies for the vaccine..BUT the lifelong consequences of those toxins which could have been removed without affecting vaccines efficacy, those are not obviously calculated as they are FAR greater!

Anyway, Does anyone know if there are docs/lawyers working on a Terb investigation specifically? If yes, please contact me at: recoveringautism at yahoo dot com because I would be very happy to help by producing my kids medical records for review, as its plain as day that my sons had great amounts of terb, but my daughter had none, and we didnt stop or slow down my daughters vaccines til she was 9 months old or so so she had the same early on vacccines as her bro’s? My thoughts are the terb put my boys into GREAT IMMUNE SYSTEM DAMAGE and then the vaccines, given one by one, two by two, three or four by three or four, all ended up pushing my boys deeper into health failure as well as into whats being called ‘autism’ today…which could explain why my daugher wasnt so affected with so many illnesses early on, she wasnt ‘set up’ for immune system failure with the terb like my boys were..or could possibly be the terb 100% I sure would love to know as well as help prevent ANY child or family from suffering any more! Thanks!

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