Sound Bites Leading the Way to Government Shut Down

April 8, 2011

Sound Bites Leading the Way to Government Shut Down

President Obama

“Usually the Democrats blame the Republicans, the Republicans blame the Democrats,” Mr. Obama said in Pennsylvania last week. He added: “I’ve got some Democrats mad at me, but I said, ‘You know what? Let’s get past last year’s budget. Let’s focus on the future.’ ”


President Obama gave these remarks to cameras, “still a few issues that are outstanding. They’re difficult issues. They’re important to both sides. And so I’m not yet prepared to express wild optimism. But I think we are further along today than we were yesterday.”
“What I’ve said to the speaker and what I’ve said to Harry Reid is, because the machinery of the shutdown is necessarily starting to move, I expect an answer in the morning,” Mr. Obama
“I recognize that folks on both sides of the political spectrum are unhappy with certain parts of the package, and I understand those concerns. I share some of them,” Mr. Obama said, positioning himself squarely in the middle of the dispute. “But that’s the nature of compromise — sacrificing something that each of us cares about to move forward on what matters to all of us.”

Senate Leader – Harry Reid – D

Harry Reid – D

“They can keep their word to cut the deficit or they can shutdown America’s government over women’s access to health care,” Reid said of House Republicans. “If that sounds ridiculous it’s because it is ridiculous.”
Asked today about his earlier statement that the vice president became visibly upset during last night’s talks, Reid responded “Joe Biden wasn’t flustered, he was damn mad.”
“This all deals with women’s health. Everything (else) has been resolved. Everything,” Reid said. “It’s an ideological battle. It has nothing to do with fiscal integrity in this country.”
“This is indefensible, and everyone should be outraged,” Mr. Reid said on the Senate floor. “The Republican House leadership have only a couple of hours to look in the mirror, snap out of it and realize how truly shameful they have been.”

Speaker of the House – John Boehner – R

John Boehner – R

I like the president personally. We get along well,” the House speaker, John A. Boehner, told reporters this week. “But the president didn’t lead.”
“We’re not going to roll over and sell out the American people like it’s been done time and again in Washington,” Boehner said. “We’re damn serious about it.”
“There’s only one reason that we do not have an agreement as yet, and that issue is spending,” the speaker said. “We’re close to a resolution on policy issues, but I think the American people deserve to know: When will the White House and when will Senate Democrats get serious about cutting spending?”
“Most of the policy issues have been dealt with,” he later added. But “when (Republicans) say we’re serious about cutting spending, we’re damn serious about it.”
Sen Dianne Feinstein

Sen Dianne Feinstein


Feinstein – D
“It’s an opportunity for the right wing in the House to really sock it to women,” said the usually demure Feinstein. “I don’t usually use this language, but I really believe this is true.”





Mitch McConnell – R


McConnell – R
“Both sides are working hard to reach the kind of resolution Americans desire,” Mr. McConnell said. “A resolution is actually within reach. The contours of a final agreement are coming into focus.”
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