CooperVision`s Avaira Toric Contact Lens Causing Vision Problems

October 11, 2011

CooperVision`s Avaira Toric Contact Lens Causing Vision Problems

Amid growing reports of eye problems ranging from blurry vision to torn corneas, federal health officials are threatening to issue a public warning about recalled contact lenses manufactured by CooperVision Inc. and sold widely at stores such as Costco, Wal-Mart and LensCrafters.Specific lots of  the company`s Avaira Toric Contact lenses were recalled quietly in August because of unidentified residue they said resulted in temporarily hazy vision for its customers. The company did not specify problems.

While recall notices issued in Canada, Australia and Spain were broader based and included a list of 200 lots affected by the problems that caused injury. The Fairport, N.Y., firm has yet to heed a request from the FDA to broaden its notification of problems with the specific lots of the Avaira Toric contact lenses inside the US.

CooperVision officials did not respond to questions about why they had not complied with the FDA request.  In a statement, a firm spokeswoman said that the company “has fully cooperated with the FDA and continues to closely monitor the situation and seek advice from FDA during this process.”

Critics say that CooperVision has downplayed the recall of hundreds of lots of contact lenses in the United States, exposing vulnerable consumers to ongoing injury.

Toric lenses are designed for patients who require a correction for astigmatism. Once difficult to impossible to find in the more popular lens materials or as a disposable product, toric lenses are now available in a variety of forms to correct a multitude of vision problems.
Publisher: Salient News