March 28, 2016

Alabama Air Ambulance Crash Kills Four

It was a mournful Saturday morning in Alabama when news about a helicopter crash came forth. The Emergency Management Agency of Alabama reported four passenger deaths in a Life Flight helicopter crash in southeast Alabama. The demise was that of three crew members and a patient who was in the midst of transport to the hospital.

CNN affiliate WTVY reported that the patient was in a car accident before getting airlifted.  The helicopter was operated by Haynes, a salient south Alabama ambulance association. According to Greg Robinson, a spokesperson for Alabama EMA, the crash occurred at approximately 12:17 am on Saturday morning, but the downed helicopter was identified at 7 am. Teresa Grimes, CEO of Troy Regional Medical Center took to Facebook to announce that the center is “saddened,” by the loss of the patient and the crew members.  “We will be in prayer for their families as well as the Haynes Ambulance and Flight Staff,” Grimes said in a statement.

Kirk Barrett, chief operations manager of Haynes Ambulance, said “This is a horrible tragedy, and right now our concentration is with the family and those involved. The National Transportation Safety Board also took to Twitter to announce that it was investigating a helicopter crash in Goodman, Alabama. James Brown, the Deputy Director of Coffee County Emergency Management Agency, reported to WSFA-TV that “the aircraft crashed after responding to a wreck in which the patient had a broken leg and was unconscious.” 

The victims that are due to be transported to the Alabama Department of Forensic Science in Montgomery have been identified as Chad Hammond, Pilot; Stacey Cernadas, Flight Nurse; Jason Snipes, Flight Medic; and Zach Strickland, patient according to WTVY.

Unfortunately, this is the second reported helicopter crash in Alabama this month. A Fort Rucker aircraft crashed near the Dothan Airport in Alabama Monday, reportedly injuring three people.  Sources report that the Investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration are expected to arrive on the scene later today, and officials are reportedly trying to determine the cause of the crash


Publisher: Salient News