The Knife of OJ Simpson

March 7, 2016

The Knife of OJ Simpson


The Los Angeles police claim to have the alleged murder weapon in the case of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman’s death.

Apparently the alleged murder weapon had been found and turned over to authorities by a construction worker who had partook in the demolishing of the old Simpson Brentwood home back in 1998.

What’s shocking is that the alleged murder weapon was only recently turned in to authorities by a now-retired Los Angeles police officer. Two decades later!

Okay, I’m a bit cynical here. What possible evidence could this knife be indicative of? Would the course of time not have possibly destroyed any forensic remnants? To add how interesting is it for the alleged murder weapon to be released now that a series based on the OJ case has aired.

What about delay in evidence submission? Is it baloney or just rumors?

It seems that the controversy and fascination with OJ will never end.


The case was a huge shibang with slow speed police chases, a 10 month long trial and racial hurdles.

The controversy and drama originated back in 1994 when Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were found dead from stabbings to the head and neck in the yard of the Simpson home.

It was at time when police misconduct against the black community came to light. During the Rodney King beatings in 1991 and the Los Angeles riot in 1992. A mostly black jury who were probably skeptical of the LA police at the time had acquitted Simpson of the murders.

Does the the knife finding make a difference

Cynicism aside, maybe modern day technology will assist in finding relevant forensic DNA on the alleged murder weapon.

But what difference would it make? Simpson is currently serving a 33 year sentence for armed robbery and kidnaping in Las Vegas. He is also protected from retrial by the double jeopardy law.

The controversy can restart next year when Simpson can apply for parole. Even so, can the public trust the credibility of the police when there are numerous cases of unharmed and possibly homeless individuals shot by the LA police.

What about the fact that the retired police officer had no plans to submit the evidence but rather had plans to mount it for decoration in his own home. I would consider this illegal and unethical policing. How can we trust a police division with such poor credibility?

Will the obsession with OJ ever end? The man who millions of Americans believe is guilty of the crime, can not be tried again, no matter what the evidence finds. Is that enough grounds to put the case to rest?

Well with the new mini series “the people vs OJ,” it’s hard to say..

Publisher: Salient News